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Infinite Marketing 


Proximity Deals works in all industries
Industries Where Proximity
Marketing Works 

Bring your digital offers to life at an affordable price. Proximity Deals includes everything you need to acquire new customers and increase your brand awareness.


Use Proximity Deals to bring attention to your attraction. Engage visitors on Facebook and driving near your location. Make your attraction unforgettable with Proximity Deals.

Real Estate

Generate property listings for each of your homes, Link your listings to virtual property tours so you can show the property even when you’re not there.  Market SALES, RENTALS and OPEN HOUSES to Waze drivers and Facebook users. 


Create custom deals and discounts to draw in passing shoppers on Facebook and nearby drivers on Waze. and build consumer engagement. Offer customized product content that your customers receive at the right place and time, every time. Proximity Deals means better retail.


Post sporting event scores, schedule updates, athlete bios and more to your Proximity Deals portal to keep spectators engaged and in-the-know. Proximity Deals takes sporting events to the next level.


Make conference schedules, speaker information, venue maps check-ins and more easily accessible to all of your attendees. Keep your audience engaged for a better conference experience. Proximity Deals meets all your needs when it comes to conferences.


Keep attendees up to date with the latest artist information, maps, check-ins, promotions and even payment integration, all on-site via mobile devices. Proximity Deals helps festivals flow.


Room service anyone? Concierge reminders? Tonight's dinner at your restaurant may be $5 off when they show the coupon you just automatically sent them. How about that spa in the back of the hotel that many visitors may not even know about? Is happy hour going on now at the bar? Now your visitors will spend more time and money at your establishment! ​


As your guests check in for that relaxing or fun weekend, how do you know they are aware of everything on your resort? At check-in, encourage guests to see you on Facebook for specials all over the property. Make them aware of the spa, the golf course, or the 5 star restaurant. If they are in their car, Waze has you covered.

Fitness Centers

Those passing by say "I need to sign up and get in shape, but I...". No problem! Local ads in Facebook and Waze that encourage a healthy life and maybe a coupon too are a great incentive to open a new membership with you. 


Have new machines, or updated areas in the casino? How about that new restaurant or a new area that many visitors may not know how to get to? Have lots of special areas? As customers walk around, their smartphone via Facebook guides them through areas of your casino you want them to try out! Drivers nearby see the same content om Waze.


Sometimes customers and potential visitors don't even realize they're hungry until you send that picture of your most popular dish or drink to their smartphone. Add your entire menu or a first time visitor coupon to close the sale! The restaurant industry has the highest competition rate around. Leverage nearby Facebook users as well as drivers on Waze to see what you are about.

Country Clubs

 How many know where to find your restaurant or bar after a game? Thirsty, hungry, need more golf balls? Tell them how your country club or golf resort can assist them.

Are you ready to unleash your marketing potential!?

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